Saturday, January 15, 2011

Awards-Nazi Award nominations: Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actor:

CHRISTIAN BALE in The Fighter:
I can't fault Bale for stealing the show away from its own central character, Micky Ward, because he just steals it so well! He delivers a memorable portrait of drug addiction, blind selfishness, and staunch denial that stem from years of living with unfulfilled dreams. He plays brilliantly off of his costars, as they play brilliantly off of him.

This is a slippery, tightrope-walking performance that constantly shifts and wiggles around in our mind. It's easy for us to love Fassbender's character at first, and it's still hard for us not to love him as the film's sticky sexuality starts to play itself out. It's simultaneously bold and understated work from one of the finest actors working.

ED HARRIS in The Way Back:
In an age where awards are naturally attracted to performances that live by flash and overt displays of emotion, it's so satisfying to behold a settled, sincere performance that's more emotive because it's so understated. Harris' lived-in portrayal of Mr. Smith is as calm but layered as any performance I've seen this year.

The live wire of The Town's sprawling ensemble, Renner makes you tighten your grip on your armrest every time he's on screen. The unpredictability of his performance pays off in numerous and surprising ways, from the tensely soft-spoken conversation he has with Affleck and Hall, to his comedic final actions in the climactic shootout.

MARK RUFFALO in The Kids Are All Right:
Ruffalo's performance is relaxed and naturalistic, slipping into the character with a disarming ease that misdirects us from his own insecurities, namely his reluctance to truly grow up and start the family he wants but lacks the commitment to create. His crushing final scenes perfectly convey his character's vulnerability and regret.

Just missed: John Hawkes, Winter's Bone


  1. From what I understand about the AwardsNazi awards, vocal performances in animated films are eligible. You considered Finding Nemo's Ellen DeGenres for Supporting Actress, after all. This makes me wonder why Toy Story 3's Ned Beatty (and for that matter, Coraline's Teri Hatcher) were not even placed in the 'just missed' category.

    1. Beatty and Hatcher were very good, to be sure, but they didn't strike me as particularly award-worthy the way Degeneres did. Beatty and Hatcher weren't even the best vocal performances from their respective years in my opinion.

    2. That's interesting. I'm curious to know what were the best vocal performances of those years in your opinion? BTW, I really enjoy reading your blog, even if I don't always agree. After all, one man's 'Garbage Pail Kids' is another man's 'Citizen Kane'. :-)

    3. From 2009 I was all about Jennifer Cody in "The Princess and the Frog". 2010 I would say Donna Murphy in "Tangled".