Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Awards-Nazi Award nominations: Cinematography

Best Cinematography:

The American (Martin Ruhe):
Each frame is composed very much with a photographer's eye. This is one of the most effectively shot films of the year, placing emphasis on soft lighting and delicate focus work to ease us into a state of paranoia.

Biutiful (Rodrigo Prieto):
The underworld of Barcelona comes to life with texture and vibrancy through Prieto's lens, creating a tangible sense of place, but without sacrificing the decidedly depressing mood of the film.

Black Swan (Matthew Lebatique):
Lots of fun with mirrors and reflections in this film, all used to evoke relevant themes such as the duality of human nature and as a metaphor for the destructive capability one's own self-image. Dazzling dance sequences!

Fish Tank (Robbie Ryan):
The gritty composition makes effective use of apparatuses of entrapment (ie: bars and fences) to communicate Mia's feelings of imprisonment. The unsettled hand-held movement fits the tone of the film to a tee.

Shutter Island (Robert Richardson):
Richardson's cinematography is, as always, incredible. The screen is filled with arresting images, all of them displaying the man's mastery of composition, movement, colour, and lighting.

Just missed: Dogtooth, Inception, True Grit, The Way Back

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