Monday, January 9, 2012

Awards-Nazi Awards nomination: Film Editing

I rather the liked the variety and quality of Film Editing I saw on screen this year, but if I had to settle on five (which I did) they would be:

Beginners (Olivier Bugge Coutte):

Perfect handling of minimalist comic beats and soft-spoken drama, seamless back-and-forth between past and present.

Drive (Matthew Newman):

More varied and interesting than you'd expect of a crime thriller, making excellent use of dissolves and cross-fading, plus slow motion for suspense.

Moneyball (Christopher Tellefesen):

Finds interesting rhythms in scenes that might otherwise come across as mundane.

(Sean Albertson, Matt Chesse, John Gilroy, Aaron Marshall):

Evenhanded presentation of multiple story arcs in the first half. The fight sequences owe their stirring effect to the dizzying shot selections.

We Need to Talk About Kevin (Joe Bini):

The evocation of Eva's frazzled recollections is a stellar editing showcase, excellent transitions between her present and her memories.

Just missed:
The Artist, Moneyball, Senna, Super 8, Tintin, The Tree of Life


  1. I must, say I love your use of video clips in your awards nominations. Cool move. I was wandering, why is Dragon Tattoo absent from even considerations? Thought it would have easily gotten in your ballot

  2. Nah. I had some issues with the pacing of that film.

  3. Amish Awards: Film Editing

    The Artist - Anne-Sophie Bion & Michel Havanicius
    The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo - Kirk Baxter & Angus Wall
    Hugo - Thelma Schoonmaker
    Super 8 - Maryann Brandon & Mary Jo Mackey
    War Horse - Michael Kahn

  4. What about Contagion? I thought that was some of the finest editing I have seen in awhile. Dragon Tattoo was also strong, in my opinion, because I thought it kept the pace rather well considering the length of the film and how they handled each scene. True, its not the Social Network-type precision, but it was never meant to be...