Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Awards-Nazi Awards nominations: Cinematography

My nominees for Cinematography are:

Drive (Newton Thomas Sigel):
L.A. is sleekly conveyed through Sigel's luminous photography; a mesmerizing display of soft lighting and focus to offset the brutality of the content.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Jeff Cronenweth):
The film may be an empty exercise in style, but such style! The green-saturated coloration fits the murky story nicely. Some experimental shots work well.

Midnight in Paris (Darius Khondji, Johanne Debas):
The midnight sequences are beautifully shot with warm, textured lighting, before jolting us back into Gil's painful present with the hard, bright light of day.

The Tree of Life (Emmanuel Lubezki):
Be it the indelible vastness of an otherworldly shore, or the minute delicacy of a floating butterfly, Lubezki's compositions are lush and hypnotic.

We Need to Talk About Kevin (Seamus McGarvey):
McGarvey captures Eva's adhesive guilt through dozens of arresting (if not subtle) images symbolic of bloodstained hands with deep, cascading reds.

Just missed: The Artist, Bullhead, Hell and Back Again, Hugo, War Horse,
Miss Bala, Moneyball, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, Martha Marcy May Marlene


  1. Ok, mixed feelings on this one. First off, I love your list, I still need to see We Need to Talk about Kevin, but the others are richly deserved (Lubezki and Cronenweth in particular). Girl With the Dragon Tattoo "an empty exercise in style," ouch, sorry, but I have to disagree with that...

  2. Fair enough. I'm prepared to disagree with people on Dragon Tattoo. The film just didn't gel with me.

  3. I can respect that, also was Tintin in the running for this category?

  4. It was, but a tier lower than those that just missed.

  5. Amish Awards: Cinematography

    The Artist - Guillaume Schiffman
    The Girl With the Dragon - Jeff Cronenweth
    Hugo - Robert Richardson
    The Tree of Life - Emmanuel Lubiezki
    War Horse - Janusz Kaminski

  6. I can respect that as well, here's pulling these films will get some Oscar love...