Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Awards-Nazi Award nominations: Foreign Film

Like with the documentaries, I always play catch-up with foreign films as they become available, but for now, my five for Foreign Film are:

Amour (Michael Haneke):
Love is a force that transcends language, and this Austrian-French-German co-production is evidence. Even when words fail the two elderly leads, their emotions ring through loud and clear.

No (Pablo Larrain)
This docudrama should not merely be written off as socially conscious politics on film, because it's so terrifically entertaining. Smartly crafted to boot.

A Royal Affair (Nikolaj Arcel):
The heady Enlightenment-era ideas don't dull, but rather propel, the tense love story in this reserved chamber romance. Lavish production values and staid performances meld beautifully.

Rust and Bone (Jacques Audiard):
A hard-edged romance that shines a harsh, unflinching light on human emotion, stripping its characters down to the human essence of vulnerability without the slightest trace of sentiment or melodrama.

War Witch (Kim Nguyen):
This wrenching, disturbing account of the trails and tragedies of a child soldier in Africa is brought to life by an efficient vignette-driven structure and a powerful performance from young Rachel Mwanza.

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