Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Awards-Nazi Award nominations: Supporting Actress

The field hasn't been as competitive as it has in past years, but I'm still quite satisfied with the five (well, four actually) actresses I settled on. My picks for Best Supporting Actress after the cut.

AMY ADAMS in The Master:
Adams continues to demonstrate her range as an actress with this steely performance that's coldly calculated but coyly ambiguous enough to merit consideration that she may be The Master behind The Cause. She's a quietly crucial element of the film.

JUDI DENCH in Skyfall:
Dench finds new avenues into a familiar character. She diffuses a brittle vulnerability into her iron-forged M as the danger of staring down a loaded gun – rather than a stodgy parliamentary hearing – becomes more concrete.

ANNE HATHAWAY in The Dark Knight Rises:
Hathaway is a sultry delight, remaining respectful of the slinky tone established by previous incarnations of the character but without resorting to over-specific mimicry, all while blending in a harder edge that keeps with the hyper-reality of Nolan's Gotham.

ANNE HATHAWAY in Les Miserables:
You read me right: Hathaway double dips on my Supporting Actress shortlist. She leaves an impression that lasts far longer than her character does with a hair-raising interpretation of the show's signature ballad. She is an impossible act to follow.

As the George and Anne's frustrated daughter, Huppert conveys in just a handful of scenes all the pain and anguish of being truly powerless over the inevitable. Putting up a stoic front at first, her grief eventually cracks through as she sees her mother slipping away.

Just missed: Doona Bae in Cloud Atlas, Emily Blunt in Looper,
Sally Field in Lincoln, Scarlet Johansson in Hitchcock, Kelly Reilly in Flight


  1. I'm glad someone agrees with me that Anne Hathaway's performance in DKR is Supporting and not Lead.

  2. Do you consider Helen Hunt a lead in The Sessions?