Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Awards-Nazi Awards nominations: Costume Design

My nominees for Costume Design after the cut:

Anna Karenina (Jacqueline Durran):
Durran's elegant wardrobe seems to borrow more inspiration from 1950s couture than it does from imperial Russia, creating striking shapes; The angular cuts of Vronsky's regimental garb, Alexei Karenin's knee-length robes and coats, Kitty's curly ribbons, and Anna's many gowns.

The Dark Knight Rises (Lindy Hemming):
Hemming's contemporary, de-stylized designs were absolutely essential for the entire trilogy. This third film boasts nuance on everything from Selina Kyle's form-fittingly unfussy catsuit, to Bane's militant sheepskin trench coat, to Crane's raggedy courtroom getup, and more.

Django Unchained (Sharen Davis):
Davis devilishly projects contemporary influences onto antiquated Southern dress; Django's stylish shades, Candi's patterned vests, and Schultz's grey, scratchy outerwear are just some of the details that colour in these already colourful characters.

Lincoln (Joanna Johnston):
Johnston's heavily researched threads are less important for their historical precision as they are for the visual signature they give each character; W.N. Bilbo's portly vestments, Mary Todd's ornate yet droopy gowns, the iconography of Lincoln's tailed overcoat.

Moonrise Kingdom (Kasia Walicka-Maimone):
Walicka-Maimone's New Penzance attire is so eccentrically mannered that you almost forget it's period as well; Suzy's dourly pink travel clothes, Sam's Davey Crockett raccoon hat, Social Service's governmental navy blue cloak, and the great Noye's Fludde costumes.

Just missed: Argo, The Master, Mirror Mirror, A Royal Affair, Snow White and the Huntsman

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