Sunday, January 13, 2013

Awards-Nazi Awards nominations: Production Design

Had to omit some stellar work from my lineup this year. These hardworking production designers, set decorators, and art directors delivered settings and environments with so much personality, as did many others who just missed the cut. My top five films of 2012 for Production Design, Set Decoration, and Art Direction are:

Anna Karenina (Sarah Greenwood, Katie Spencer, John King):
Greenwood's swirling pageant of exquisitely designed and lavishly ornate scenic facades quite literally set the stage for Joe Wright's bold experiment in stylization. Each prop and ornament is ingenuously integrated into a unique whole.

Moonrise Kingdom (Adam Stockhausen, Kris Moran, Gerald Sullivan):
Stockhausen's quaint diorama sets pop with colour and texture, and are custom built to accommodate Anderson's proclivity for symmetrical picture book compositions. You can find more character in one frame of this movie than the entirety of most others.

Prometheus (Arthur Max, Sonja Klaus, John King):
Max's darkly beautiful environs borrow key strokes, as one would expect, from H.R. Giger's legendary concept art, melding the organic and the technological with just enough variation so as to distinguish this planet from LV-426 of the first two Alien films.

The Secret World of Arrietty (Yoji Takeshige, Noboru Yoshida):
Takeshige and Yoshida's serene art direction is essential to the calming, meditative tone of this film. The hundreds of peripheral details that compose Arrietty's miniature world are beautifully incorporated, and a joy to discover.

Skyfall (Dennis Gassner, Anna Pinnock, Chris Lowe):
From Silva's island to the casino in Macau to the neon Hong Kong skyline to the titular Scottish manor, Gassner's sets brim with as much character and detail as the people who inhabit them.

Just missed: Beasts of the Southern Wild, Cloud Atlas, Django Unchained, Lincoln, The Master

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