Sunday, January 31, 2016

Awards-Nazi Award Nominations: Costume Design

Spanning from a post-apocalyptic future to as far back as "once upon a time", this year's best movie fashions defined their characters to a tee, whether going for sartorial subtext or eye-catching iconography. The category is Costume Design, and my five best dressed films are:

BROOKLYN (Odile Dicks-Mireaux)
Smart style and colour decisions are used not only to help Eilis stand out, but to mark her progression from homesick immigrant to confident woman about town.

CAROL (Sandy Powell)
How characters are dressed is extremely important to defining them. The way Carol's imposing furs and padded shoulders suggest a woman under constraint is but a single example.

CINDERELLA (Sandy Powell)
Powell is her own stiffest competition for my award this year. Her whimsical fairy tale fashions are flashier than her work in Carol, but no less carefully considered in terms of characterization.

Patterson has this uncanny ability to make characters stand apart from the (madding) crowd with textures and patterning – and hats! – as opposed to overstated colours.

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (Jenny Beavan)
From Immorten Joe's toothy gas mask to the Doof Warrior's tattered red onesie, the outifts are instantly iconic and of a piece with Miller's demented Hellscape.

Other strong cosiderations:
Crimson Peak (Kate Hawley)
The Danish Girl (Paco Delgado)
The Hateful Eight (Courtney Hoffman)
Legend (Caroline Harris)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Michael Kaplan)

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  1. Best Costume Design:

    Crimson Peak
    The Danish Girl
    Mad Max: Fury Road