Sunday, January 31, 2016

Awards-Nazi Award Nominations: Hair & Makeup

Like the costumers, the Hair & Makeup crews have a huge responsibility in visually defining  film's characters. Why the Academy's correlative branch is still reluctant to expand this to a proper 5-nominee category is beyond me. I know better (shut up, you know I do!), and have named these five my best of the year:

THE 100-YEAR-OLD MAN... (Love Larson, Eva von Bahr)
The gradual aging of the title character is a fun progression to watch, but the recreations of famous historical figures – from Franco to Einstein to Stalin and more – are equally clever.

CINDERELLA (Carol Hemming, Naomi Donne)
Hair is gloriously styled and facial features perfectly embellished to harmonize with the cosmetic wavelength of the fabulous costumes. What princess wouldn't love to be done up so beautifully?

MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (Lesley Vanderwalt, Damian Martin, Elka Wardega)
The extensive prosthetic applications are effective, but the brilliance of the makeup extends beyond that; It's about defining iconic looks for every character, and they are unforgettable.

MR. HOLMES (Dave Elsey, Konnie Daniel)
Some may not be terribly impressed with making Ian McKellan (already an old man) look older, but this is among the most believable aging makeup I've seen in a while.

THE REVENANT (Adrien Morot, Graham Johnston, Robert Pandini)
The grisly wound effects and near-deathness pasted onto Leo certainly are cringe-worthy, but don't forget there's also a large cast of guys who required battered looks as well.

Other considerations:
Black Mass (Joel Harlow, Gloria Pasqua Casny)
Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Neal Scanlan, Amanda Knight, Lisa Tomblin)
Legend (Christine Blundell)
Carol (Jerry DeCarlo, Patricia Regan)
Crimson Peak (Jordan Samuel, Cliona Furey)

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  1. Yay for Mad Max and Revenant. Nice to see Cinderella included for that lovely styling (i was kinda surprised it didn't even make Oscar bakeoff) but I would have included Carol too. I mean Cate's hair alone. And those manicures.