Monday, February 22, 2016

Awards-Nazi Award Nominations: Director

My final official nominee announcement this year is Best Director. Rather than similarly highlighting just my five Best Picture nominees, I'll be publishing my top 20 pics of the year in two lists on Tuesday and Wednesday. But for now, the five helmers whose storytelling most impressed me in 2015:

PETE DOCTER for Inside Out
At more than a few points in the film you can feel Docter pouring his own heart and soul into his characters, making Inside Out as much a meditation on the highs and lows of parenthood as of adolescence.

Haynes is a master sensualist, using image, music and sound to stimulate all our senses, not just the aural and visual ones. He ensures that every frame is filled with sublime, unspoken details.

GEORGE MILLER for Mad Max: Fury Road
Only a madman like Miller could pull this off with the sheer mind-shredding gusto that filmmakers half his age consistently struggle to inject into modern action movies. Oh, but such method in his madness!

LÁSZLÓ NEMES for Son of Saul
Brilliantly interpolates from one of history's darkest hours to forge a real emotional connection with his audience. He captures humanity at its most awful and its most beautiful all at the same time.

Villeneuve is a master of mood, stretching the tension tighter than a drum for prolonged stretches with his surgical attention to form and construct – A modern-day Hitchcock?

JUST missed:
Danny Boyle for Steve Jobs

Other strong considerations:
Lenny Abrahamson for Room
Ryan Coogler for Creed
Tom McCarthy for Spotlight
Ridley Scott for The Martian

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