Friday, January 27, 2017

Awards-Nazi Award Nominations: Acting Ensemble

The Screen Actors Guild Awards are this weekend, and all eyes will be on the group's coveted Best Ensemble prize, as this is the biggest chance for Moonlight or Manchester (or possibly something else?) to gain momentum on La La Land, which of course is not up for this significant precursor. In light of that, I hereby announce my own preferences for the best acting rosters of 2016:

A retro modern family. All five principals are doing beautifully complex, specific character work here that truly meshes, flavoured with naturalistic humour throughout.

Troy may think the world revolves around him, but the real drama in this theatrical piece is watching how all the orbiting players react to his gravitational shifts. Distinct, beautifully observed dynamics.

While most scenes are acting duets with less in the way of whole ensemble interaction, every actor is so damn stunning in those duets it's impossible not to call them one of the best casts of the year.

A cast of fresh Irish faces works wonders at spinning the strain of socioeconomic depression into comedy gold. Youthful affectation that manages to be more endearing than annoying: How marvelous!

This tight-knit ensemble manages the challenging task of slowly escalating the pall of dread and paranoia as familial tensions rise. And such tricky period speech patterns to master, too!

Just missed:
Manchester by the Sea

Other considerations:
Captain Fantastic
Hail, Caesar!
Hidden Figures
Love & Friendship

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