Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Awards-Nazi Award Nominations: Makeup and Hair

I'll be honest: There weren't a whole lot of makeup and hair jobs that really impressed me last year. Sure, there were plenty of films in which they played a key role, but nothing on the level with recent efforts that have won my personal prize. Nevertheless, these five movies feature transformative work good enough for a mention in Best Hair and Makeup (which I shall temporarily rename 'The Passion of Andrew Garfield Award'):

(Daniel Phillips, J. Roy Helland)
1940s coiffures and extravagant wigs are the only things that even come close to upstaging Meryl's deluded prima donna.
That, plus syphilis.

(Shane Thomas, Larry Van Duynhoven)
Grisly, grimy battle scarring enough to make you lose your lunch. You could argue Gibson's vision is too fascinated with gore, but the prosthetics serve that vision expertly.

(Song Jong-Hee)
Gravity-defying dos and geisha-like painted faces. Attends to both period accuracy and making its stars look gorgeous.

(Noriko Watanabe)
Recreates authentic Edo period hair stylings, puts Andrew Garfield through the ringer,
and even does some nifty aging near the end.

(Joel Harlow,
Khanh Trance,
Richard Alonzo)
The creature effects here are arguably even more accomplished than the effort that won Harlow an Oscar for the original reboot from 2009.

Just missed:
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (Neal Scanlan, Amanda Knight, Lisa Tomblin)

Other considerations:
A Man Called Ove (Eva von Bahr, Love Larson)
Deepwater Horizon (Howard Berger, Tami Lane)
The Dressmaker (Shane Thomas, Ivana Primorac)
Suicide Squad (Alessandro Bertolazzi, Steve Newburn)

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