Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Oscars Post-mortem, Part 1: Fashions

Nothing snaps me out of an Oscar hangover quite like gawking at red carpet eye-candy, and there was lots of it going around on Sunday night. I'm no style a-fashion-iado, but I know what I like, so humour me while I drool over the hottest looks one last time before digging into the telecast itself...
Kirsten Dunst shows off her gown with pockets -- awesome and practical.

I was not compelled to deride Gosling's ruffled shirt as others were.
Takes balls to pull that off.

Jessica Biel's golden camouflage marks one of the more unique dresses seen on Oscar night.

Janelle Monae capped off her spectacular season of black-and-white red carpet looks with another voluminous number.

Riz Ahmed's slender blue tux cuts a sharp profile.

Ruth Negga became one of the season's red carpet darlings, looking stunning at every stop on the circuit.

Mahershala Ali wears this crisp monochromatic ensemble well.

Taraji stops all sorts of hearts in this glamourous va-va-voom dress.

Dev Patel's tux is a lesson in contrasts, while his mom rocks a magnificent sari.

Literally sheer delight from Hailee Steinfeld.


  1. Hehehe this is cool! I'm still imagining Rosamund's red gown from 2015 *drools* xD

  2. Jackie did not win for Best Costume Design that award went to Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them.